Do You MQ Podcast


What’s New With MQ

Welcome to the new series of the DoYouMQ podcast, celebrating 30 years of innovation, in this episode, joined by Amy McCormick, we discuss What’s New With MQ, giving insights into the latest continuous delivery release, what our various teams have […]

Back to Basics – Installation

Today my guests are Martin and Mark. We talk about steps needed to get IBM MQ on your machine, what is actually happening in the background, as well as what installation options are there. Resources mentioned in the episode:MQ-Ansible – […]

Back to Basics – Pilot

Today Martin and I kick off a new series on DoYouMQ – Back to Basics, in this series we will take a step back and take a look at fundamentals of messaging queuing as well as IBM MQ. In this […]

MQ Showcase App

Today our guests is Francesco Rinaldi and we will be talking about new MQ Showcase App. Links to projects mentioned in this episode: Our GitHub repository at contains the code base for the MQ messaging playground application, as well as additional […]

IBM MQ on AWS – Update

Today our guests is Martin Evans, we talk about current projects being worked on AWS and what can be expected in the future. Furthermore, in this episode a new podcast series was announced – “MQ 101” aimed to go back […]

2022 Round up

DoYouMQ is back after Christmas break! Today our guests is Amy McCormick and we will be talking about IBM MQ’s journey in 2022 and what awaits us in 2023! DoYouMQ Team would like to wish everyone a happy New Year! […]

Options for modernizing MQ

Today our guests is Callum Jackson and we will be talking about modernization options for IBM MQ. This episode is last episode before Christmas break. DoYouMQ Podcast will return in the mid of January 2023. DoYouMQ team would like to […]

Introduction to MQ-Ansible

Today our guests are Mohammad Alatoum and Bimsara Pilapitiya and we will be taking about their grad project Ansible-MQ.If you’d like to learn more about Ansible-MQ be sure to check Guests Special thanks to our guests for this episode: